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Last modified: 2011-12-13

HDR ToneMap: Préréglages (Presets)

HDRengine includes over 40 factory presets. Use this preset library to quickly modify all the settings of an image and apply special effects. The Preset panel is located at the bottom left corner of the screen.


Using presets is also a good way to learn how to use HDRengine. Apply a preset and then look at the various image settings.



The Preset panel allows you to:

  • Preview a preset
  • Apply a preset
  • Sort presets


Previewing a preset:

  • Move the mouse pointer without clicking over any preset located in the Preset panel
  • HDRengine immediately updates the image with the preset settings
  • Move the pointer away to restore the current settings



Applying a preset:

  • Click on a preset located in the Preset panel




Sorting presets:

  • Click on the Category Menu located at the top of the Preset panel
  • Select a category
  • Select the All category to show all presets
  • Select the Favorite category to show your favorite presets