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Last modified: 2011-06-02

Overview: Main Features


Oloneo PhotoEngine is a professional Raw Photo processing, HDR creation, Tone Mapping and advanced image editing software. It is the result of over four years of research and development in Computational Photography.


Main features:

  • HDR ToneMap: HDR edition and Tone Mapping in real time
  • HDR ReLight: photo relighting in real time
  • HDR DeNoise: noise reduction without loss of details
  • Raw photo processing
  • Adobe Lightroom plug-in and direct export to Adobe Photoshop


HDR ToneMap™: high dynamic re-exposure in real-time

A full real-time, high dynamic range (HDR) re-exposure module to merge and edit single or multiple RAWs, JPEGs or TIFFs. Capable of creating a wide range of styles, from realistic to artistic, HDR ToneMap includes four tone mapping engines, Natural HDR™ processing mode, auto-exposure correction with fine-tuning, auto-contrast, detail size and threshold controls, halo control, edge sharpening, ghost removal tools, auto-align, auto-orientation, batch processing with interactive mode, over 40 interactive factory presets and user-defined presets, and more. You also have the possibility to modify exposure the traditional way by turning off tone mapping while still benefiting from a 32-bit, ultra-wide gamut and full resolution environment.


HDR ReLight™: take pictures then set-up lighting

An image-based relighting tool using merged RAWs, JPEGs or TIFFs to control in real-time the settings of individual light sources after the photos are taken. For each light source, parameters include white balance, brightness, temperature, tint and color. Other features are the auto-detection of ambient light and each light source's color temperature.


HDR DeNoise™: remove noise and keep details

A powerful image noise and grain reduction tool using stacked RAWs, JPEGs or TIFFs, with the added benefits of full detail preservation, no smoothing and no artifacts, even with low-contrast and low-light photos.


Complete, high-end RAW photo processing

Oloneo PhotoEngine also features a complete RAW and image processing module including a customizable Color Curve Equalizer™ with hue/saturation, hue/luminance and hue/hue curves, a brightness curve, a unique color saturation curve, a color toning tool, an advanced white balance control and more. PhotoEngine handles most RAW photo formats, with thumbnail and preservation of key EXIF metadata, fully supports color management and uses the ICC profiles generated by most colorimeters on the market today.