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Last modified: 2011-06-02

User Interface Main Controls


PhotoEngine uses several User Interface Controls that are important to master. These main controls appear in many places in the user interface. The main controls are:

  • Setting panels
  • Sliders
  • Color Wheels
  • Curve Editors


The Setting Panel

The Setting Panel is a box that groups related settings. Panels have three main areas:

  • 1: Title bar
  • 2: Video Help button
  • 3: Contents box


You can hide and reveal the contents of a Setting Panel.



Hiding the contents:

  • Double click on the Title Bar located at the top of the panel
  • Double click again to unhide



Getting help:

  • Click on the Video Help button located at the top right of the panel



The Slider

The slider allows you to edit a setting using the mouse pointer, the keyboard or by entering a value.



Dragging the cursor:

  • Click on the blue slider cursor
  • Drag to change the value



Dragging the cursor with high accuracy:

  • Hold the Control-key
  • Click on the blue slider cursor
  • Drag to change the value


Moving the cursor with the keyboard:

  • Click on the blue slider cursor
  • Press the keyboard arrows to move the cursor


Entering a value:

  • Click in the numeric box located at the right of the slider
  • Type the value
  • Press the Enter, Return or Tab key to validate



Resetting a slider to default value:

  • Double-click the numeric box
  • The slider returns to its default value


The Color Wheel

The slider allows you to quickly select the tint and saturation of a color. There are three parts in the color wheel:

  • 1: Tint wheel
  • 2: Saturation bar
  • 3: Color preview



Setting the color saturation:

  • Click on the cursor located in the horizontal bar
  • Drag to change the value



Setting the tint:

  • Click on the cursor located in the circular part
  • Drag to change the value



The Curve Editor

PhotoEngine uses a sophisticated curve editor for high accuracy image editing.



Adding a point:

  • Click anywhere on the curve



You can add up to ten points to a curve.


Deleting a point:

  • Click on an existing point
  • Press the Delete-key


  • Right-click on an existing point
  • Select Delete Selected Point in the menu



Editing the curvature:

  • Click and drag one of the displayed arrows



Changing the curve mode:

  • Right-click the curve
  • Select Linear, Catmull-Rom or Bézier Spline Mode in the menu



The Color Curve Editor

The Color Curve Editor is similar to the Curve Editor. By default, the curve points can only slide along the vertical axis.



Changing how points move:

  • Right-click the curve
  • Select Free Mode or Vertical Lock Mode in the menu