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Last modified: 2011-06-02

Overview: the User Interface


PhotoEngine uses a tabbed interface to allow you to focus on the task at hand. There are three main tasks grouped in three Workspaces:

  • Browsing files and creating projects in the Browse Workspace
  • Editing an image in the Edit Workspace
  • Getting help in the Help Workspace


The Browse Workspace

This is where PhotoEngine starts. Use the Browse Workspace to:

  • Display and browse your photos
  • Select photos
  • Create an HDR ToneMap, HDR ReLight or HDR DeNoise project



The Edit Workspace

PhotoEngine switches to the Edit Workspace after loading or creating a new project. Use the Edit Workspace to:

  • Edit your photos
  • Save the current project
  • Export the edited photo



The Help Workspace

The Help Workspace is where you get help on Oloneo PhotoEngine. Use the Edit Workspace to:

  • Watch tutorial videos
  • Read the user manual



Managing the Workspaces

PhotoEngine automatically switches from workspace to workspace when needed. You can also select which Workspace is displayed at any time.


Selecting the Workspace to be displayed:

  • Click on the Browse, Edit or Help buttons located in the top menu bar
  • Or, select Browse, Edit or Help in the Tools menu